Artifact of the Dawn

Driven by a freak rain storm into the aria’una, a forbidden area of the forest deep within elven lands, Ardyn discovers an artifact inscribed with an ancient elven script. Appearing more advanced than any current technology he knew his people possessed, this discovery shakes Ardyn’s worldview and makes him question everything he believes.

The same storm causes a human trader named Jevan to become lost deep in the same forest. After the storm passes, Jevan finds Ardyn under attack and saves the elf’s life. Together they choose to venture further into the aria’una where they discover more evidence of advanced elven technology. Puzzled by what they find, they make their way back to Ardyn’s settlement, seeking answers from the Elder Triumvirate.

Instead of answers, they find themselves sentenced for daring to enter the aria’una. They manage to escape and head towards Jevan’s village to seek refuge. Unfortunately, when they share their story with the human Elder, he also pronounces a harsh sentence on them.

The pair manages to escape again and head back into the aria’una. As they flee their captors, Ardyn and Jevan stumble upon the hatch that leads them into a strange, underground structure.

The structure turns out to be a space craft that had landed on this world centuries before. They are startled to find out that thousands of elves are still sleeping aboard the ship in cryopods. Awakening the elves, Jevan and Ardyn have set into motion a series of events that will forever change their world.

They are forced to face a relentless off-world enemy bent on the utter genocide of Ardyn’s people while simultaneously trying to make peace with the humans from a distant continent and attempting to establish relations with the elven home world.

Ardyn and Jevan draw close to each other through all the adventures they share. When Ardyn offers to pair-bond with Jevan to save his friend from an early grave, the consequences of this unique union between elf and human is unexpected, but not unwelcome.

Once peace is restored, the elves and humans appoint Ardyn and Jevan as ambassadors. Together they set off for the distant human continent of Dakreeur, ready to start the next chapter of their lives.