Why Don’t I Blog More Often?

I know I should blog a lot more often than I do. Part of the problem is, that I only want to blog when I feel I have something to say. So many bloggers churn out post after post, but it starts to get repetitive. Another part of the problem is that I’d rather be working on my novels than blogging. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate blogging, and I used to blog a lot on my personal site. Somehow, I just fell out of the habit and lost my interest over the years. I plan to continue to share my experiences in regards to writing and my attempts to get published. However, I don’t see a need to keep rehashing the same things over and over. At least, I try not to. I could consider doing book reviews as an added feature to my blog, but I’m not Read More

Moving Forward

I stepped away from my writing for a short while after I received the news of my editor’s passing. It happened right before the two-year anniversary of my late husband’s passing so I needed to take some time to myself. I’m now ready to move forward. My query letter has been revised extensively, and I plan to begin sending queries to literary agencies. I’m hopeful that with all the changes I’ve made to both my query letter and my manuscript, that I’ll catch some agency’s eye this time around. In the meanwhile, I still have the second novel to finish writing and editing. That being said, I will try to blog more regularly, but I make no guarantees. When I get into writing mode, I often lose track of time.

Happy 2018!

Happy New Year! I hope you’ve had a happy and safe New Year’s celebration. This is the time of year where I like to reflect on the past year and also look towards the coming year.  2017 has been very much a transitional year for me in many ways. When it came to my writing, I made progress on many fronts. Artifact of the Dawn has been revised and improved to the point where I’m even more proud of the work. The sequel, Artifact of the Forgotten, has gotten off to a good start as well. I also managed to write several new fan fiction stories which helped me to perfect my craft. Looking forward to 2018, I have several goals I wish to accomplish. The main one is to attempt to secure the representation of a literary agent and/or land a publishing contract for my Artifacts of Truth series. I have Read More

My Writing Process

Besides blogging, I write both original and fan fiction. I have a different approach to my process for each type of writing that I do. I know every writer has their own process that works best for them, but I wanted to share my process for the writing that I do. Blogging When I’m blogging, I just let the words flow. I sit down and open a new post and start writing. Only three things need to be in place before I can really start; the topic, the title, and the featured image. Coming up with a topic is always my first priority. Once I decide on one, you would think I could begin, but I’ve always struggled to write if I didn’t have a title first, and for my blogs, I like to have selected an image to accompany them. Once those two elements are in place, I just Read More