Writing Fan Fiction

Besides the original novel I’ve written, I’ve also spent a lot of time writing fan fiction since early 2015. When I first began to write fiction, I started with fan fiction. The video game series Dragon Age has inspired me to write stories more than any other fandom had before. To date, I have written fifty fan fiction works, ranging in size from 100 words to 87,000 words, for a cumulative of nearly 635,000 words. What is Fan Fiction? Fan fiction stems from the desire of various fans of a particular movie, television series, book or video game to see certain storylines play out. If you have ever been a fan of something and asked yourself “what if that didn’t happen that way?” then you have the potential idea of a fan fiction story. Most fan fiction stories are borne out of what-if scenarios fans would love to see, but Read More

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My Writing Process

Besides blogging, I write both original and fan fiction. I have a different approach to my process for each type of writing that I do. I know every writer has their own process that works best for them, but I wanted to share my process for the writing that I do. Blogging When I’m blogging, I just let the words flow. I sit down and open a new post and start writing. Only three things need to be in place before I can really start; the topic, the title, and the featured image. Coming up with a topic is always my first priority. Once I decide on one, you would think I could begin, but I’ve always struggled to write if I didn’t have a title first, and for my blogs, I like to have selected an image to accompany them. Once those two elements are in place, I just Read More