Priorities vs. Inspiration

Sometimes I am torn between forcing myself to focus on what should be my priorities and allow myself to just write what inspires me. I didn’t understand the concept of a muse until I began writing fiction. Currently, my priority should be to polish the synopsis for my novel and write the query letter I will be sending out to the various literary agents I plan to solicit for representation. However, my muse has other ideas. One thing I have found is that my writing is better if I follow my muse. If I try to force myself to write something that doesn’t inspire me at that moment, then the writing just isn’t as good. It’s often stilted and feels forced. Even my readers have picked up on this in the past when I’ve posted a chapter in a fan fiction story for the sake of trying to get a Read More


When the Words Won’t Come

Some days the words flow from my fingers like a water fall. Other days it feels as if the well has completely dried up. Sometimes I’m trying to work on a new chapter for a fan fiction story I’m writing, other days editing my novel or even just wanting to write a blog post. Yet, for the life of me, the words just fail me and I can’t seem to find a way to write what is in my head. I know many other writers who run into this problem, which is colloquially known as Writers’ Block. When it happens to me, I do one of the following things. Work on another piece of writing for awhile. I often have several fan fiction stories in progress at the same time. Spend some time focusing on something else entirely. Reading, taking a walk, doing chores around the house. Replaying parts of Read More

Editing an English language document

Why I Love Editing

As much as I enjoy writing, I find that I enjoy the process of editing almost as much, if not more. When I edit anything I’ve written, be it a blog post, a piece of fan fiction or an original novel, it’s not just about correcting spelling and grammar errors. I re-evaluate every word and paragraph I’ve written and I often find better ways to phrase what I am trying to say. The first time I go through and edit, I often re-word earlier parts of the work to better align with what I know I wrote later. I like to play with words, and I to try and evoke a reaction from my reader, whether it be a slight chuckle or perhaps even fear for the fate of one of the protagonists of my story. I often have no idea if I succeeded or not, with the exception of Read More


Why Must We Be Miserable?

I ran into a situation yesterday that still has me slightly upset and confused. I am a member of several writers’ groups on Facebook, and yesterday someone posted a silly meme that compared the writing process with jogging and the desire to just give up and die (the post was taken down so I don’t have the exact wording, but that was the gist of the post). I commented on the post, stating that I couldn’t relate since I cannot jog because of health reasons and that writing gives me joy. That’s when one of the group members outright attacked me, stating that if writing doesn’t make me miserable, then I must not know how to write or have ever written anything of length. I countered with the fact that I have written over 585,000 words of fan fiction, and I have completed my first novel. She continued to deride Read More