Editing an English language document

Why I Love Editing

As much as I enjoy writing, I find that I enjoy the process of editing almost as much, if not more. When I edit anything I’ve written, be it a blog post, a piece of fan fiction or an original novel, it’s not just about correcting spelling and grammar errors. I re-evaluate every word and paragraph I’ve written and I often find better ways to phrase what I am trying to say. The first time I go through and edit, I often re-word earlier parts of the work to better align with what I know I wrote later. I like to play with words, and I to try and evoke a reaction from my reader, whether it be a slight chuckle or perhaps even fear for the fate of one of the protagonists of my story. I often have no idea if I succeeded or not, with the exception of Read More


Why Must We Be Miserable?

I ran into a situation yesterday that still has me slightly upset and confused. I am a member of several writers’ groups on Facebook, and yesterday someone posted a silly meme that compared the writing process with jogging and the desire to just give up and die (the post was taken down so I don’t have the exact wording, but that was the gist of the post). I commented on the post, stating that I couldn’t relate since I cannot jog because of health reasons and that writing gives me joy. That’s when one of the group members outright attacked me, stating that if writing doesn’t make me miserable, then I must not know how to write or have ever written anything of length. I countered with the fact that I have written over 585,000 words of fan fiction, and I have completed my first novel. She continued to deride Read More


My Love Affair With the Written Word

For as far back as I can remember, I’ve loved words. Reading came first. I loved stories, but my family didn’t have enough time to read to me as much as I wanted. So when I had an epiphany at the age of four while watching a phonics segment on Sesame Street, I immediately ran to grab one of my storybooks and proceeded to teach myself how to read. I still remember how shocked my grandmother was when I insisted I read to her. After that I was voracious, reading everything I could get my hands on, eventually finding my mother’s collection of Barbara Cartland novels. By then I was in the first grade and my teacher found the novel and immediately called my family and insisted they provide me with more appropriate reading material. That is what led to my love of science-fiction, when my mother gave me her Read More